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MARPA 2016 Conference – New Speakers Added!

MARPA is pleased to announce that three new speakers have been confirmed for the 2016 agenda at the Annual Conference.

Jonathan Berger, Vice President – Aerospace & MRO Advisory for ICF Aviation will join us to discuss financial trends in his presentation, “PMA Industry Trends and Market Overview“.

Randy Harris and Myron Knight, Program Managers, SASPO for the United States Air Force will speak on the following presentation: “The Strategic Alternate Sourcing Program Office (SASPO) primary responsibility is to create competition and save the United States Air Force (USAF) money.  This briefing will walk you through our various lists (Target, G-Coded, Commercially Used Over-Haul, RPOW, etc.) and explain opportunities for companies to do business with the USAF through SASPO initiatives.  These initiatives include: Reverse Engineering, Repair Development, Additive Manufacturing, Commercially Used-Over Haul and Source Approval Requests (SARs).”

You can see the latest version of the Conference Agenda on our website.

Right now, MARPA is in Japan at Japan Aerospace 2016, strengthening the PMA message and extending a welcome to several new Japanese Conference attendees who will be looking for US business partners.  Between this event and other 2016 events attended by MARPA worldwide to support PMA, this Conference should be full of new business opportunities!

Still haven’t registered?  Click here to register today!


MARPA Conference – October 26-27, 2016

Join speakers from government and from major customers as we explore new opportunities for the PMA community. This year's conference will be in Orlando at the B Hotel. An expanded workshop day will offer business, quality and regulatory compliance topics.

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