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Singapore to Host Low Cost Airlines Conference in February

From February 10-12 2009, Singapore will host the 6th Annual Low Cost Airlines World Asia Pacific Conference 2009 (LCA 2009). The LCA 2009 brings together low cost and legacy carriers, airports, aviation regulators, and aviation service providers in an attempt to help generate better business strategies and improve low cost business models.

The LCA 2009 expects the participation of more than 60 airlines, and the conference schedule boasts 40 plus speakers. Scheduled speakers at the event include the CEOs from Virgin Blue, Jetstar, Tiger Airways, and Air Asia, who will each present on their business strategy and the way their airlines cope with competition and uncertain economic times.

LCA 2009 sponsors include Airbus, Pratt and Whitney, IBS, and SR Technics.

The LCA 2009 provides PMA parts manufacturers the opportunity to network with low cost carriers, especially low cost carriers in the Asian market. This could be a valuable opportunity for PMA parts manufacturers to make new business connections with potential customers.

More information about the LCA 2009 can be found on the conference website at In addition to the resources on the conference site, MARPA members with questions can contact Prem Hirubalan of International Enterprise Singapore. Mr. Hirubalan attended the 2008 MARPA conference in Las Vegas, and has offered to field the questions of MARPA members who may be interested in attending the LCA 2009. Mr. Hirubalan may be reached by phone at +65 6337 6628, or by email at



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