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Does Volcanic Ash Have a Different Effect on PMA Parts in Engines?

EASA is seeking guidance on how to address PMA parts in engines exposed to volcanic ash. Continue reading


MARPA Files Papers with the FAA on Proposed Repair Station Rule Changes

MARPA has filed comments in response to the FAA Notice of Proposed Rulemaking concerning repair stations and their ratings. Although the ratings proposal was the centerpiece of this proposed rule, many of the proposals that caused the most concern were those unrelated to the ratings element of the proposal. Continue reading

Still Cleaning Up After Sandy? Be Sure Your Employees are Protected!

With the passage of time, it is easy to forget about the hazards that remain in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. It is particularly important to remember that new hazards can also arise, like contamination hazards. Businesses should be cognizant of these hazards and should take steps to prottect employees from the hazards, Continue reading

SBA Repair Station Rule Roundtable

MARPA, as well as other members of the aviation community, recently attended a Small Business Administration roundtable to discuss the effects of the FAA’s proposed Aviation Repair Station rule. The FAA explained the the purpose behind the rule and members of industry voiced a number of concerns and objections regarding the costs and collateral effects of the rule. Continue reading

How Might REACH (European Environmental Regulations) Affect Your Business?

The U.S. Commerce Department will hold a webinar on November 29 to discuss the effect of European Evironmental Regulations (REACH) on U.S. Aerospace companies. Continue reading

MARPA Releases Latest Revisions of MARPA 1100; MARPA COS

MARPA has released the latest revisions of the MARPA 1100 Standard and MARPA Continued Operation Safety (COS) guidance. These revisions improve both documents. Continue reading

We Will Miss MARPA Leader Gloria Nations

It is with great sadness that we report that retired MARPA President Gloria Nations-Powell passed away quietly after suffering a stroke at her Arizona home on November 3. Continue reading

SBA Repair Station Meeting Rescheduled

The SBA roundtable, to discuss the FAA’s proposed Aviation Repair Station Rule and its potential effect on small business, has been rescheduled. Hurricane Sandy had caused the meeting to be postponed. Continue reading