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MARPA Seeks Data for Streamlined PMA Best Practices Guide

Has your company taken advantage of the FAA’s streamlined process for PMAs on Non-Safety-Sensitive (NSS) parts, yet?  If so, MARPA wants to hear from you.

As we have previously posted on this blog, the streamlined process—detailed in FAA Order 8110.119—involves following the MARPA 1100 Standard for PMA applications for NSS parts.  The MARPA 1100 standard is available on our website.  Applicants who follow the standard (and confirm that they meet the elements of the FAA Order) are entitled to expedited processing of their applications. The FAA has established a goal to turn-around NSS PMA applications that meet the MARPA standard within 30 days.

A 30-day turn-around would provide NSS PMA applicants with an improved ability to make commitments to customers about expected production and delivery times when those times hinge upon PMA issuance. This should also encourage companies to seek PMA for NSS parts.

The process does not alleviate the applicant of their obligation to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations (remember, you must certify compliance as part of your PMA application); but it does provide a standardized format that should make it easier for FAA ACO engineers to review and approve such applications, consistent with the FAA’s commitment to using risk-based tools to assign resources.  This is particularly important as budgets for federal agencies continue to be scaled back.

As with any new initiative, there is likely to be growing pains and some resistance to the adoption and implementation of the streamlined process.  We have received some reports from various corners about ACOs that were skeptical of, or unwilling to participate with, the streamline process.

In order to assist MARPA members navigating the streamlined PMA process, we are seeking to issue a set of Best Practices to help guide PMA manufacturers through the new procedure.  For this we’d like to hear from you regarding your experiences using the streamlined process.  What techniques have been helpful?  How did you navigate the MOU process?  How closely did you work with your ACO?  Do you have any suggestions or words of caution for other PMA manufacturers seeking to take advantage of the streamlined process?

MARPA will compile these responses into a Best Practices guide that will be made available exclusively to MARPA members.  We look forward to hearing about your experiences and helping the PMA industry benefit from this new process.

Email your responses to Ryan Aggergaard at




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