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Continued Operational Safety

Revised MARPA COS Guidance is Now Available for Comment

One of the many ways MARPA supports the PMA industry is through the issuance of its Continued Operational Safety (COS) system guidance material.  In order to continue to improve safety and address industry and regulatory concerns, MARPA regularly revises its COS guidance and makes the revised guidance available to the public.

MARPA recently issued Revision 3 to MARPA’s Guidance Material for a PMA Continued Operational Safety (COS) System for review and comment.  The COS guidance is available on the MARPA website under the Government Affairs Continued Operational Safety menu, or by clicking the direct link in this post.

As with any guidance material it is important that we receive comments and feedback from our members to ensure that the revisions to the COS guidance are workable and make sense.  We are therefore asking our members and the PMA industry to review the revised COS guidance and provide us with feedback.

Comments are due to MARPA by September 19, 2014.  You can submit comments to MARPA by emailing them to Ryan Aggergaard at  We look forward to your feedback.



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