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AEA and MARPA Make Istanbul Conference Early Registration List Available

Many of MARPA’s Members ask us for an early peek at the registration list, so that they can plan to meet with business partners and customers while at the meeting.

The 2015 AEA/MARPA PMA Parts Conference early registration list was posted today.

This is a list of people who have filed registration materials with AEA and MARPA.  People who have expressed interest in the Conference but have not yet filed registration materials are not on the list. Registrations that were not processed by the time we went to press also did not make the cut.

If your name is not on the list and you think it should be, then please contact the Association so we can resolve the conflict.

The 2015 AEA/MARPA PMA Aircraft Parts Conference will be held in Istanbul, Turkey on May 25-26, 2015, in cooperation between the Modification And Replacement Parts Association (MARPA) and the Association of European Airlines (AEA).  The event will provide an excellent opportunity for air carriers to learn about strategies for saving money on maintenance costs AND improving reliability and safety. PMA manufacturers have the opportunity to meet members of the European, Middle Eastern, and Asian aviation industries, and to learn more about exporting their parts to carriers from around the globe. There will be networking opportunities for manufacturers to introduce air carriers to ideas that can generate cost savings and reliability improvements for their operations!  Click here to register!

We look forward to seeing you there!



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