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MARPA 2015 Asia Trade Mission Update!

MARPA is working to finalize the details for our upcoming Asia Trade Mission for November, 2015!  Currently, MARPA is working with our ITA partners, customers, and embassies in Singapore, China, and Hong Kong to finalize our tentative schedule and Mission targets.

We plan to attend MRO Asia in Singapore and also to arrange side meetings with Asian Carriers and MROs to discuss how PMA can help them improve reliability, safety, and profitability.  Thanks to MARPA member feedback, our focus is on customers with mostly narrow-body fleets, as well as some wide-body fleets in Singapore, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and Shanghai.  The 2015 Asia Trade Mission is tentatively expected to begin with MRO Asia on November 3, 2015 and extend until November 13, 2015 in Shanghai.

We hope to make this an opportunity to have members join us on the mission so they can take advantage of our pre-arranged meetings, but members who cannot join us should contact MARPA to have their company’s literature added to a package that will be provided to the customers with whom we meet.  This will be made up of PMA catalogs, brochures, and other literature from MARPA members.

Consider whether you’d like to join MARPA on the Asian mission in November.  Remember that statements of interest are not firm commitments but they will help us as we finalize planning




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