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MARPA Member Opportunity for Tokyo Aerospace Symposium 2015!

MARPA is pleased to announce that we will be at the Tokyo Aerospace Symposium 2015, and you can be there too!  MARPA President Jason Dickstein will give a presentation discussing PMA and the advantages that it represents.  MARPA will have an exhibit booth at the Tokyo Aerospace Symposium 2015 for all three days of the event.  This is an excellent opportunity to further raise industry awareness about the value and benefits of PMA and about MARPA itself.

While this is a fantastic opportunity for making connections in the Japanese aerospace manufacturing market, we recognize that not ever member can afford to add this to their trade show agenda, so MARPA will be featuring literature from members at their booth.  That’s right – you can have your company literature included in the MARPA literature rack at TAS 2015 in Tokyo!

COST: Free to MARPA members (it is a membership benefit).

HOW BIG IS THIS CONFERENCE: The ASET2013 conference, this event’s predecessor, welcomed 29,417 visitors for the aerospace trade floor.

YOUR REQUIREMENTS: YOU are responsible for producing your company materials.  YOU are responsible for shipping the materials to the convention center and for alerting us to look for it.

WHAT WE WILL DO: We will keep your literature in our literature rack or on our display table (depending on factors like size and volume of member response) and hand it out to interested conference-attendees.

HOW DO I GET STARTED: Contact Katt Brigham at

We hope to see MARPA members take advantage of this opportunity, and look forward to this wonderful event.  Planning to attend?  Let MARPA know!  We’d love to see you there.



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