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KOTRA presents KORUS Aero Partnering 2016




KORUS Aero Partnering 2016

February 11th and 12th, Sacheon, South Korea

KOTRA will be hosting a two day conference and trade delegation in Sacheon, South Korea. This event serves as a venue for global aerospace manufacturing business leaders and Korean companies in exploring cooperative business opportunities.

At KORUS Aero Partnering 2016, top Korean aviation part suppliers will participate in this program, which will allow for opportunities to discuss their cutting-edge technologies and high-quality aviation parts. The event will offer valuable information on the Korean aviation parts industry and services, through pre-scheduled, one-on-one meetings, and in-depth business consultations. In addition, it will provide global networking opportunities with business leaders from North America.

During the morning of the first day, speakers from Korea Aviation Industry Association (KAIA), will be discussing the current status of the Korean aircraft parts industry and its involvement in global trade. Following the presentation from KAIA, representatives from KOTRA will be discussing the USA aircraft parts market. Wrapping up the morning session, Vince Howie, from the Oklahoma Department of Commerce, is delivering a presentation regarding the US MRO market. During the afternoon session, North American aviation companies will be explaining their individual purchasing policies.

The entirety of the second day will contain one-on-one trade delegations between the US companies and Korean companies to further discuss building business relationships between the two.

With approximately 50 Korean companies in attendance, this event is a premier gateway for building bilateral trade and lasting partnerships. For more information and if interested in attending, please email or call Benjamin Brand from the NYC KOTRA office at 646-918-5854.


Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency, otherwise known as KOTRA, operates under South Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy (MOTIE), as the national trade and investment promotion organization.  KOTRA is a non-profit agency that promotes and facilitates bilateral business relationships between Korea and the world since its foundation in 1962.


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