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Only One Day Left to Get An Early Bird Discount for the 2017 MARPA EMEA Conference in Dublin!

Don’t forget to register today for the 2017 MARPA EMEA Conference!  The Early Bird discount expires tomorrow, so register before April 1st to save! The 2017 MARPA EMEA Conference has a lot of opportunities to offer!  Join Keynote speaker Fergus Wilson, Chief Technical Officer for Aer Lingus, and Brian Gialloreto, Manager of Component Engineering at Delta Air Lines to hear … Continue reading

FAA Proposes Special Conditions for Non-Rechargeable Lithium Batteries

The FAA has proposed a set of special conditions that would apply to certification projects involving non-rechargeable lithium batteries. These special conditions could have far-reaching effect that goes beyond the STC projects for which they are intended – they could affect future PMA projects. Continue reading

Tour MRO Dublin Aerospace at the MARPA EMEA Conference!

MARPA is very excited to announce that Dublin Aerospace has agreed to host a tour for attendees of the MARPA EMEA Conference on the morning of May 10, 2017. The MARPA EMEA Conference itself is scheduled for May 8-9 at the Dublin Hilton Kilmainham in Dublin, Ireland. This is the third year that MARPA has … Continue reading

US Government Seeks to Remedy Unfair Competition Affecting Aerospace Trade

MARPA is planning a meeting where members would have an opportunity to discuss (with ITA representatives) unfair competition that affects international trade and puts the US at a disadvantage Continue reading

MARPA Attends 2017 Aviation Summit

On March 2, MARPA had the opportunity to attend the U.S. Chamber of Commerce 2017 Aviation Summit in Washington, DC.  The event featured addresses and panels by the presidents and CEOs of aerospace industry leading operators, manufacturers, and service providers. Although the focus was primarily on operational issues affecting air carriers like Open Skies, airport … Continue reading