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Only One Day Left to Get An Early Bird Discount for the 2017 MARPA EMEA Conference in Dublin!

Don’t forget to register today for the 2017 MARPA EMEA Conference!  The Early Bird discount expires tomorrow, so register before April 1st to save!

The 2017 MARPA EMEA Conference has a lot of opportunities to offer!  Join Keynote speaker Fergus Wilson, Chief Technical Officer for Aer Lingus, and Brian Gialloreto, Manager of Component Engineering at Delta Air Lines to hear how their carriers use PMA to increase savings and reliability.  Learn about the newest developments in international PMA markets like Japan, Latin America, and Europe.  Dive into manufacturer’s success stories and learn ways to energize your company.  Find the financial strategy you need to guide your company through the PMA landscape. The Conference Agenda is packed with speakers you want to see, and with networking opportunities!  Your customers and regulators will be there… will you?

To register, just click here for a registration form or to register online.  If you have any questions, contact MARPA by calling (202) 628-6777.  We look forward to seeing you in Dublin!



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