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2017 MARPA Annual Conference a Success

This post has been edited to reflect new MARPA EMEA Conference dates. The 4th Annual MARPA EMEA Conference will be held May 2 – 3, 2018, in Dublin.

The 2017 MARPA Annual Conference is in the books, and by all accounts this new-look conference was a resounding success. If you weren’t able to to make it to Orlando this year, we hope you are able to join us in Dublin, Ireland in the spring or in Orlando when we return next fall.

As always, the conference featured excellent workshops and general session content from the FAA and former FAA personnel.  Workshop sessions included information about the ongoing Part 21/SMS rulemaking effort, the new FAA risk-based PMA prototype program, managing local FAA relationships at ACOs, MIDOs, and FSDOs, and the ever-popular PMA 101.  The FAA also addressed the conference discussing new organization changes arising from the Aircraft Certification transformation efforts and the international playing field.

MARPA is very grateful to the FAA for their continuing support of MARPA’s conferences and the PMA industry.

Representatives from the U.S. Air Force Strategic Alternate Sourcing Program Office (SASPO) were on hand to discuss opportunities for PMA manufacturers and repair stations offering DER repairs to work with the Air Force to help save the taxpayer money. We will have more on this lively discussion in a later blog post.  Workshops were rounded out by a fascinating presentation on industry 3D printing. The Conference featured an updated financial outlook for the PMA industry, and the Ex-Im Bank gave a presentation to discuss Ex-Im programs that can help PMA manufacturers export to customers in countries that might not otherwise be able to securely make purchases of PMA parts.

The Conference was book-ended by an excellent and insightful Keynote address by Peter Requa of Southwest Airlines and a very lively discussion during the air carrier panel, in which representatives from five different air carriers (as well as additional air carriers in the audience) answered questions and made suggestions in order to help PMA suppliers better understand the expectations of the air carriers and to help PMA businesses better develop strategies that will help them give their air carrier customers what they need.

The Conference also built on the well-received PMA success stories panel that debuted in Dublin last spring.  This panel featured manufacturers and an air carrier discussing successes they have had in partnering together to develop solutions to issues identified by the operator when the OEM fell short. We look forward to expanding this panel still further when we return to Dublin, May 2 – 3, 2018.

Finally, for the first time ever, the Conference featured a MARPA Members Only session. This session offered presentations from MARPA discussing the work MARPA is doing behind the scenes to benefit the PMA industry, but more importantly featured presentations from industry leaders discussing strategies and tips for successfully building and growing a business, including revealing some of their secrets and inside stories of success. The members-only session was very well received and MARPA will look to reprise this special member benefit at next year’s conference in Orlando.

The Annual Conference also featured excellent exhibitors and opportunities to develop new business contacts.

We hope those of you who joined us in Orlando found it as successful as we did, and we hope to see you next fall in Orlando, and hopefully sooner in Dublin this spring.  For those of you who weren’t able to make it, or found Orlando difficult to get to (especially those of you overseas) we hope Dublin proves more convenient, and we are always excited to hear from members on ways we can make the conference more valuable for you and your business.  If you’re looking for more detail into what each presentation discussed, you’ll just have to join us; we look forward to seeing you in Dublin and Orlando!




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