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MARPA Promotes PMA in Japan

MARPA is spending this week in Tokyo, meeting with Air Carriers and participating in the Japan Aerospace Exposition.

Poll of Japanese Airline personnel showed 47% using DER Repairs, 42% not using them, and 10% who did not know or to whom the question did not apply.

Poll of Japanese Airline personnel showed 58% using PMAs, 21% not using them, and 21% who did not know or to whom the question did not apply.

At the exposition this week, Jay Kato assisted with introductions and helped with translations and culture. Kato-san is retired from Japan Airlines (JAL) and now spends time assisting the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute (TIRI) by mentoring their aviation group. There is a lot to say about TIRI, so I will say more about them in the next post.

We taught a workshop about parts documentation at TIRI, with about 30 attendees from All Nippon Airways, (ANA), Japan Airlines (JAL), Skymark Airlines, and TIRI’s own aviation research team. We discussed purchasing aircraft parts from the United States and Europe, and what documentation ought to be expected in the transactions.  We also discussed the recent IATA-CFM agreement and how that could help Japanese air carriers.

During the workshop, we polled the audience to find out how many of them used PMA and how many used DER Repairs.  The polls showed that over half of the room was using PMA, and just under half knew they were using DER Repairs.

We asked the audience to explain to us why they use independent PMAs.  The top two answers were cost savings, and reliability improvements inherent in certain PMAs.    We also asked the audience to explain to us why some of them did not use independent PMAs.  The sole answer given was because of leasing contracts that limit the use of PMAs in leased aircraft.

After the TIRI Workshop, MARPA also exhibited at the Japan Aerospace Exposition.  This was a great opportunity to see our Japanese airline contacts, to meet Japanese manufacturers, and to talk to the attendees about the quality and value associated with PMA.

Jay Kato and Ryan Aggergaard man the MARPA booth at the 2018 Japan Aerospace Exposition

The MARPA literature rack featured useful information about the PMA market, as well as sales literature from our members.



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