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Last Day for 2019 EMEA Early Bird is March 1! Sign up today!

The 2019 MARPA EMEA Conference will be held May 15-16 in Dublin, Republic of Ireland at the Clayton Hotel Ballsbridge.  Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to network with air carriers, suppliers, and regulators you don’t normally see at the MARPA Annual Conference.

MARPA is excited this year to hear from keynote speaker Peter Berg, SAS’s Head of Supply Chain Management, Technical Operations as he discusses the process of implementing and growing an airline PMA program.  We also look forward to welcoming our air carrier members to the stage as well as our regulatory partners, for the latest developments in the PMA industry.

Why should you be interested in PMA parts?

  • Airlines worldwide have already begun taking advantage of PMA parts on their own aircraft in order to achieve benefits
  • Other operators could be enjoying these same benefits like reliability, safety, availability and savings
  • The global leasing community should look to FAA-PMA as a way to protect the value of their assets

Why should you be interested in the 2019 MARPA EMEA PMA Conference?

  • Networking and education opportunities with lessors, manufacturers, air carriers, and more
  • For operators and leasing companies, FAA-PMA parts are part of the solution-oriented approach to safety, reflecting opportunities to achieve benefits like reliability, safety, availability and savings
  • For maintenance facilities, FAA-PMA parts can be a competitive advantage when bidding maintenance jobs
  • For manufacturers, the FAA-PMA community reflects opportunities for manufacturing partnerships

Your customers and suppliers will be there… why won’t you?

To register, just click here for a registration form or to register online via PayPal.  If you have any questions, contact MARPA by calling (202) 628-6777.  We look forward to seeing you in Dublin in May.



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