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2020 MARPA Annual Conference To Be Held as an Online Event (Rather than as a Live Meeting in Orlando)

The Modification and Replacement Parts Association (MARPA) is sad to announce that we will not be able to hold our 2020 Annual Conference as a live meeting in Florida. We plan to replace it with an online event this Fall.

Cancelling the October 21-22, 2020 meeting in Orlando was a difficult decision for the Association. The decision was made cooperatively by MARPA and the Doubletree by Hilton Orlando at Sea World (our intended conference venue). After polling the membership and reporting the result to the hotel, we agreed that it would not be possible to hold a Conference at the hotel as scheduled. The current state of Covid-19-related executive orders in Florida (which discourage large meetings and require quarantines) and in the locations from which our members would be arriving also impacted the decision.

This would have been MARPA’s 20th Annual Conference, which makes it particularly disappointing that we are unable to meet in-person. We hope to be able to contract with the hotel for a 2021 Conference.

To meet our obligations to the members, the MARPA Board will be discussing plans for a Fall online event. PMAs have been identified by air carriers as an important part of their cost-reduction plans; so we hope to provide useful information as well as networking opportunities through our Fall online event. This will also give our program sponsors an opportunity to promote their safety-and-reliability efforts!

MARPA MEMBERS: We have been conducting “MidWeek MARPA” – a networking-and-trivia meeting – every Wednesday afternoon. All employees (including furloughed employees) of MARPA Member companies in good standing are invited to attend. Air Carriers, PMA manufacturers, DERs, MROs, and associate members are all participating in these fun, casual networking sessions. For more information, contact  

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