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Selling PMAs to China? New FAA Policy Harms PMA Exports!

CHINA EXPORT ALERT: The United States has signed a new Agreement with China that prevents the export of certain aircraft parts – and these were parts that were legal to export to China before the new agreement. Continue reading


MARPA Joins Industry Groups Securing Reissuance of FAA Notice 8900.380 Policy

On August 2 MARPA joined a petition signed by 12 other industry groups seeking the extension of FAA Notice 8900.380.  This effort was spearheaded by the Aviation Suppliers Association. Yesterday, the FAA responded to the petition by agreeing to reissue the policy for another year. Continue reading

MARPA Efforts to Increase PMA Sales to Southeast Asia and China

MARPA is organizing a the first-ever PMA Trade Mission to Singapore and China (Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing) for November 3-13, 2015. This is a valuable membership benefit that is available to help MARPA members increase their export business so make sure you take advantage of it! Continue reading

Customers Customers Customers!

The customers will be there in Istanbul in twelve days – will you? MARPA and AEA will co-host a PMA meeting in Istanbul on May 25-26. We have 29 customer-personnel attending the conference – these are air carriers and MROs that are interested in PMA solutions. Continue reading

Treasury Makes It Easier to Comply, When Exporting

The Office of Foreign Asset Control is consolidating lists and making them easier to search, in order make it easier than ever for companies to effectively comply with the export regulations. Continue reading

PMA Parts for Export to Europe – When is the PMA Part “Critical?”

A number of PMA exporters, and European PMA importers, who have asked for clear guidance on how to distinguish a “critical” PMA parts from a “non-critical” PMA part. This article explains when a PMA part is “critical” for purposes of export from the United States to Europe. Continue reading

How Might REACH (European Environmental Regulations) Affect Your Business?

The U.S. Commerce Department will hold a webinar on November 29 to discuss the effect of European Evironmental Regulations (REACH) on U.S. Aerospace companies. Continue reading

30 Year Old Tax-Break for Exporters is Worth Another Look

Organizations that have export sales can significantly reduce their Federal tax by creating an Interest Charge-Domestic International Sales Corporation (IC-DISC). It’s a long name, but the concept is quite simple. By creating a separate entity, a domestic organization with international sales can defer and/or reduce their overall tax burden related to the income on these international sales. Continue reading

MARPA Supports FAA Policy on ICA Distribution

Today, MARPA filed Comments on the Proposed FAA ICA Policy (Policy Statement, PS-AIR-21.50-01: Inappropriate DAH Restrictions on the Use and Availability of ICA). MARPA’s comments supported the policy, and provided both a historical and legal context for the acceptance of the FAA policy. Continue reading

AMR Bankrupcty: What Do You Need To Know as a Parts Vendor?

This article provides some tips, links and data that will be useful for members who are owed money by AMR for parts sold to AMR before the chapter 11 bankruptcy (restructuring) filing. Continue reading