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MARPA Joins Industry Groups Securing Reissuance of FAA Notice 8900.380 Policy

On August 2 MARPA joined a petition signed by 12 other industry groups seeking the extension of FAA Notice 8900.380.  This effort was spearheaded by the Aviation Suppliers Association. Yesterday, the FAA responded to the petition by agreeing to reissue the policy for another year. Continue reading


Challenges Apparent in Reconciling Performance Based Regulations and Emerging Technologies

MARPA had the opportunity this week to attend the 2016 FAA-EASA International Aviation Safety Conference that was held in Washington, DC. The conference provides an opportunity for the regulatory agencies and industry to get together to discuss emerging issues in aviation safety and strengthen the cooperation between both the regulators themselves as well as the … Continue reading

FAA Draft Advisory Circulars Need Your Comment

Several draft FAA Advisory Circulars are currently open for comment of which MARPA members should take note.

Today the FAA’s Engine and Propeller Directorate released draft AC 33.15-3 Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) Metallic Part Material Compliance Using Comparative Test and Analysis Method for Turbine Engines or Auxiliary Power Units. This AC is intended to provide guidance to assist PMA applicants in developing tests to demonstrate the equivalence of materials with that of the type design materials. Continue reading

Compliance with the New Part 21 Rules

Part 21 has been amended in some ways that will impact the PMA community. MARPA is publishing compliance guides for members to facilitate compliance. members will receive the compliance guide with the next MARPA Supplement. Continue reading

FAA Effort to Improve Rotorcraft Safety Could Be Opportunity for Manufacturers

A new proposed tasking from the FAA’s Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee on rotorcraft occupant protection may provide great opportunities for manufacturers of certain rotorcraft parts. The proposed task seeks recommendations on how current occupant protection standards should be made effective for newly manufactured rotorcraft, with a follow-up task asking how to incorporate such protection standards into the existing rotorcraft fleet. Continue reading

The 21st Century Model of Certification

The FAA is talking very seriously about a radical new model of certification for the aerospace industry focusing on approval of design processes and risk-based oversight. The FAA would like to introduce this new model at the 2015 MARPA Conference. This could reflect a tremendous opportunity for members to be on the cutting edge of the new compliance paradigm. Continue reading

FAA Class on PMAs in Singapore

FAA will conduct a 3-day class addressing PMa and other topics at the Singapore Aviation Academy, September 28-30, 2015 Continue reading

FAA Seeks Experts to Develop Airframe Crashworthiness and Ditching Standards

Do you want to serve on a FAA working group that will help the FAA shape regulations affecting safety? Do you have expertise in composite and other non-metallic airframe materials? Can you add to a discussion about airframe crashworthiness? Continue reading

FAA Publishes Designee Management Policy for Public Comment – All Manufacturers Need to Review and Comment

The FAA has proposed a change to the new guidance affecting designees. “Order 8000.95, Designee Management Policy” is open for comment, and we strongly recommend that any one using DERs, DMIRs, or DARs (and all designees themselves) file comments on this important guidance. Continue reading

New Requirements for PMA Holders include Enhanced Supplier Requirements

The FAA is proposing changes to the Part 21 manufacturing rules. A number of these will impact PMA holders. It will be important for the PMA community to provide comments to this NPRM. Continue reading