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The 21st Century Model of Certification

The FAA is talking very seriously about a radical new model of certification for the aerospace industry focusing on approval of design processes and risk-based oversight. The FAA would like to introduce this new model at the 2015 MARPA Conference. This could reflect a tremendous opportunity for members to be on the cutting edge of the new compliance paradigm. Continue reading


Last Chance to Book a Hotel Room at the MARPA Discounted Rate

The MARPA 2012 Conference will be held in a month, on October 3-5, 2012 at the Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel. But the deadline for making hotel reservations at the discounted rate is Monday, September 3! Continue reading

MARPA Annual Conference Hotel Information – Reserve Your Room Before They Sell Out

The MARPA 2012 Conference will be held October 3-5, 2012 at the Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel. Please make your reservations early for the Conference: the hotel has sold out early for the past several years and we expect the hotel to sell out again this year.
Continue reading

MARPA Conference Agenda for October 14, 2011

Agenda for the Closing Day of the 2011 MARPA Conference – October 14, 2011. Continue reading

MARPA Comments on the FAA’s Sequencing SOP

MARPA has filed comments with the FAA on the DRAFT Sequencing Standard Operating procedure (SOP). MARPA’s comments address a variety of issues raised by the FAA’s draft in an effort to assist the FAA in improving the draft SOP. In particular, it appears that small businesses could be placed at a competitive disadvantage by the draft SOP. Continue reading

FAA Funding Extended Through January 31, 2012

As we reported earlier, the deal to extend FAA funding through January 31, 2012 is in place. The Senate approved the extension bill yesterday. Continue reading

SNAFU: Situation Normal, Authorization for FAA Unfunded

After more than a week the FAA remains unfunded. Congress still has not passed a law that authorizes payment of the FAA’s bills. Continue reading

House Passes FAA Reauthorization Bill

The House has passed their version of the FAA Reauthorization Bill. Continue reading

FAA Associate Administrator Gilligan Provides an Update on FAA Priorities

The global aviation safety community met in New Orleans on June 8, 2010 at the FAA EASA International Safety Meeting. The FAA EASA International Safety Meeting is an opportunity for the government of the world to coordinate their aviation safety regulatory and implementation efforts. FAA Associate Administrator Peggy Gilligan provided an update on US aviation safety activities. Continue reading

FAA Charts a New Course, Promoting Professionalism

The FAA’s David Grizzle announced a new focus on professionalism as an element supporting the NextGen system. Supporting and encouraging pilot professionalism will be an import element of the implementation plan for Safety Management Systems (SMS), which in turn is expected to support the mindset that will support a proper functioning of the NextGen navigation/air traffic management system. Continue reading