Continued Operational Safety

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Revised MARPA COS Guidance is Now Available for Comment

One of the many ways MARPA supports the PMA industry is through the issuance of its Continued Operational Safety (COS) system guidance material.  In order to continue to improve safety and address industry and regulatory concerns, MARPA regularly revises its COS guidance and makes the revised guidance available to the public. MARPA recently issued Revision 3 … Continue reading

MARPA Releases Latest Revisions of MARPA 1100; MARPA COS

MARPA has released the latest revisions of the MARPA 1100 Standard and MARPA Continued Operation Safety (COS) guidance. These revisions improve both documents. Continue reading

PMA Conference Examines Safety Management Mechanisms

The 2010 MARPA Conference will feature a special workshop on practical implementation of Safety Management, as well as general session presentations on Safety Management Systems (SMS). This year’s MARPA Conference will feature several speakers addressing SMS concepts and implementation mechanisms. As a special bonus, though, John Hunter (Chairman of the MARPA Continued Operational Safety (COS) Committee) will present a workshop that will analyze case studies of how companies have used the MARPA COS standard to establish a SMS with positive safety benefits. Click through for more information. Continue reading

MARPA Meets with EASA: EASA Examines the World of Aftermarket Parts

MARPA President Jason Dickstein met with EASA for a candid discussion about where Europe is going in terms of supporting an aftermarket aircraft parts industry. Continue reading

Safety Management Systems: Time to Add Your Two Cents!

The FAA has issued the long-awaited Advance Notice of Proposed Rule Making (ANPRM) on Safety Management Systems. This ANPRM seeks comments about existing SMS implementations; comments on COS system implementations would be useful to the FAA. Public comments are due by October 21, 2009.
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Marrying Manufacturing and Service: A Winning Combination

The Economist has published a thought-provoking article on the Success that Rolls Royce has realized in recent years. The focus of the article is on the successful marriage of manufacturing and service through the Rolls Royce power-by-the-hour program. In addition to the fact that service has served as a significant source of revenue for Rolls … Continue reading