Part 145

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Get Ready, Get Set, Go! Foreign 145 Certificates are Back on the Table, as TSA Issues its New Rule.

The decade-long saga that is the Repair Station Security rule is finally coming to a resolution. The rule is scheduled to be published in the Federal Register on Monday. Continue reading


SBA Repair Station Rule Roundtable

MARPA, as well as other members of the aviation community, recently attended a Small Business Administration roundtable to discuss the effects of the FAA’s proposed Aviation Repair Station rule. The FAA explained the the purpose behind the rule and members of industry voiced a number of concerns and objections regarding the costs and collateral effects of the rule. Continue reading

Proposed Repair Station Rule Could Interfere with Repair of PMA Parts

Today, the FAA published a proposed amendment to the repair station rules, with a particular focus on a change in the repair stations ratings system. This proposal could have the unintended effect of decreasing the repair stations that are legally permitted to repair a PMA part, even though they are technically qualified. Continue reading