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Air Carrier SMS Deadline Looms

The air carrier deadline for implementing SMS programs is just six months away! Continue reading


Challenges Apparent in Reconciling Performance Based Regulations and Emerging Technologies

MARPA had the opportunity this week to attend the 2016 FAA-EASA International Aviation Safety Conference that was held in Washington, DC. The conference provides an opportunity for the regulatory agencies and industry to get together to discuss emerging issues in aviation safety and strengthen the cooperation between both the regulators themselves as well as the … Continue reading

The 21st Century Model of Certification

The FAA is talking very seriously about a radical new model of certification for the aerospace industry focusing on approval of design processes and risk-based oversight. The FAA would like to introduce this new model at the 2015 MARPA Conference. This could reflect a tremendous opportunity for members to be on the cutting edge of the new compliance paradigm. Continue reading

Are You Registered for the MARPA Conference? It is the Best Way to Learn About the Costs of SMS!

This year’s MARPA conference will review some of the new FAA programs that affect PMAs, and also offer a glimpse into the new policies and regulations that will affect the PMA community in the near future. A special highlight will be an opportunity to speak with FAA Engineering Division Manager Dave Hempe about Safety Management Systems (SMS). He is particularly in tested in knowing what SMS will cost small businesses, This is an opportunity to ask questions, express your concerns, and provide information about potential costs. Continue reading

Help Shape the Future of Part 21!

The SMS/Part 21 Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC) will affect each and every manufacturer of PMA. MARPA will therefore be there every step of the way, working to ensure that the interests of PMA community are protected. But in order to ensure that we guard our members’ interests, we will need your assistance and feedback! If your company tracks the cost of regulatory compliance, whether in dollars, personnel, man-hours, paperwork, or any other metric, we want to hear from you. Continue reading

MARPA Works on the Future of FAA Certification

MARPA attended the SMS/Part 21 Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC) which is developing the new rules that will affect certification and approval of aviation products and articles. This project will definitely affect every MARPA member and could be the most important rulemaking activity affecting the PMA community in over 60 years! Continue reading

Seeking Working Group Members to Help Develop New FAA Manufacturing Regulations: Apply Now!

Have you ever wanted to influence the regulations that affect your business? Well, NOW is your best opportunity to do so! The Part 21/SMS Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC) is undertaking a major project to review Part 21 and (1) to make it consistent with ICAO Standards for Safety Management Systems, (2) add regulations to create a design organization and (3) update the regulation as necessary. MARPA is soliciting members interested in participating as working group members to work with the FAA on the new rule changes. Please contact us by March 7, 2013 if you are interested. Continue reading

Early Notice of an Opportunty to Influence the Future of Aviation Manufacturing

In mid-February, the FAA ARC will publish Terms of Reference describing the work of each of several working groups that will be helping to craft the Part 21 language as well as developing a new paradigm for FAA oversight of systems. At that time, we will be seeking MARPA members who would like to volunteer to be on these committees. The first working group meetings will likely be in early April. Continue reading

MARPA Winter Meeting Scheduled for February 12, 2013 in Washington, DC

Don’t forget that the 2013 MARPA Winter Meeting will be held in Washington, DC on February 12, 2013. Continue reading

Your Input Needed: How Can the FAA Manufacturing Regulations Better Protect Safety?

The FAA is working to incorporate Safety Management Systems (SMS) elements into the existing Part 21 regulations for design and production. As part of this endeavor, they have asked MARPA to assist them in an Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC). MARPA is asking members to answer between one and six questions in an effort to make sure we represent your business and safety needs in this effort. Continue reading