Streamlined Process for Parts Manufacturer Approval

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New FAA PMA Policy Documents have been Issued

In recent weeks the FAA has released final versions of two important pieces of guidance. FAA Order 8110.42D and FAA AC 21.303-2. Members should review these documents as both of pieces of guidance have a direct effect on PMA producers. Continue reading


MARPA Updates FAA on Streamlined PMA

As regular readers of this blog undoubtedly know, two of MARPA’s many accomplishments over the last year were the development of the MARPA 1100 Standard and successfully assisting the FAA in its issuance of Order 8110.119: Streamlined Process for Parts Manufacturer Approval.  Last week, MARPA sat down with FAA staff to update them on the … Continue reading

MARPA Seeks Data for Streamlined PMA Best Practices Guide

Has your company taken advantage of the FAA’s streamlined process for PMAs on Non-Safety-Sensitive (NSS) parts, yet? If so, MARPA wants to hear from you.

Found in FAA Order 8110.119, the streamlined process involves following the MARPA 1100 Standard for PMA applications for NSS parts. Those who follow that standard and confirm that they meet the elements of the FAA Order are entitled to expedited processing. The FAA’s goal is to turn-around NSS PMA applications that meet the MARPA standard within 30 days.

In order to assist MARPA members navigating the streamlined PMA process, we are seeking to issue a set of Best Practices to help guide PMA manufacturers through the new procedure. For this we’d like to hear from you regarding your experiences using the streamlined process.

MARPA will compile these responses into a Best Practices guide that will be made available exclusively to MARPA members. Continue reading

MARPA Releases Latest Revisions of MARPA 1100; MARPA COS

MARPA has released the latest revisions of the MARPA 1100 Standard and MARPA Continued Operation Safety (COS) guidance. These revisions improve both documents. Continue reading

MARPA Issues Streamlined PMA Program; FAA Expected to Follow with Related Order

MARPA is pleased to announce the release of the MARPA 1100 Standard. This standard provides guidance in assembling a PMA application for a non-safety sensitive (NSS) aircraft part. MARPA has been working with the FAA to help develop corollary FAA guidance to explain to FAA employees the public safety benefits of this program, and to advise the FAA on how to handle applications that are properly prepared under the MARPA 1100 standard. Continue reading

Streamlined PMA Guidance – Comment Deadline is Approaching

Don’t forget that the deadline for submitting comments on the FAA’s DRAFT Order “Streamlined Process for Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA)” is just a week away (March 20). Continue reading

FAA Accepts Comments on Streamlined Process for PMA

The FAA has released for a comment an Order pertaining to a fast-track PMA approval process for non-complex parts. The Order is entitled “Streamlined Process for Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA).” Continue reading